Body Building: Sculpting the Perfect Eye Brow Shape


You know you can get a great workout at home without all that gym equipment. The same goes for building, shaping, sculpting your eyebrows. No

need for an expensive trip to the salon, all you’ll need is an eye brow pencil, tweezers, and a mirror.Shape-Your-Own-Eyebrows

1. Begin by placing the pencil vertically on the edge of your nose, extending up to your eyebrow. This is where your eyebrow hair should start. Any hair inside the pencil should be plucked, unless you want a unibrow

2. Next, connect the two points of your nostril and iris. This angle is the highest point of your arch.

3. Again, connect the two points of your nostril and your outer edge of your eye. This angle is the ending point of the brow.

4. Check to make sure that the overall shape is coherent. Place the pencil horizontally beneath the brow, connecting the beginning and the end points. You pencil should form a straight, perfectly horizontal line. If the pencil is tilted in a certain direction then you need to pluck any outliers and re-check the angles of steps 1-3.



With the shape outlined, now you can tweeze, thicken, or darken to your liking!



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