Capture the Cover Look- Kimye on Vogue


This choice of cover couple has been controversial. But Kim’s make up look is coveted! We’re not promising that you’ll be ask to be on the cover of Vogue, but you sure will look the part.

Step 1 : Moisturize and prime the entire eye area. The smokey shadow will go almost around the entire eye in a purposeful manner, even though it appears effortless.

step 2: With a dark brown, grey, or purple shade, depending on your skin tone, lightly brush the upper and lower lash lines. Carry the color to a soft point at the corners of the outer eye. If you want to look like a raccoon then by all means continue into the inner eye…

step 3. Lay on the layers! Of mascara that is. Lashes should be full, curled, and lengthened.

Step 4: trace and smudge dark brown eye liner on the upper and lower lash lines. A sharp line will not achieve the romantic look desired.

step 5: As a finishing touch, use a white pencil on the inner lower lash line. This can be tricky as it close to the eye itself but it will give your eyes a size upgrade.

Look out Kim, there’s a new Kutie in town!


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